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New Zealand All Round WL

by Al Myers

New Zealand All Round Weightlifting Association

I have just heard that ALL ROUND WEIGHTLIFTING may be rejuvenated in New Zealand.  Cliff Harvey has moved back there, and has taken an interest in promoting the sport.  Cliff has been very involved with All Round lifting for many years, and was a big of the 2007 IAWA World Championships held in Christchurch, NZ.   I attended that World Meet, and it was a unbelievable meet.  The meet director was Bruce Savage, but several others were instrumental as well in promoting this Championship.

Cliff Harvey performing an One Arm DL in the 2007 IAWA World Championships in New Zealand.

Cliff placed 6th OVERALL at the 2007 IAWA Championships in New Zealand.  That year has been the only year the IAWA Champs have been held in New Zealand.  Let’s hope that Cliff gets the New Zealanders reorganized and they host another big IAWA meet in the future!