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OTSM Championships

By Eric Todd


2017 Old Time Strongman Championships


ET’s House of Iron and Stone
10978  SW Pueblo Dr
Turney, MO 64493

When:           September 9, 2017

Weigh ins:      9:30

Rules:          10:00

Meet Starts:   10:30


Hackenschmidt Floor Press
Thor’s Hammer
Dumbbell to Shoulder
Kennedy Lift

Exhibition of new lift following the meet. We will test out the new lift, the Lurich Lift as proposed by KCSTRONGMAN member Lance Foster.

Entry Fee:     $25.  Checks payable to Eric Todd.  Entry and check can be sent to me at the above address.

Entry Deadline: August 26, 2017. Please be prompt in entering, as it helps me plan accordingly for the best possible meet

Awards:         There will be awards for this meet

I hope a good number of you make plans to come out for this meet. It should be a great day of lifting.



OTSM Championships

By Eric Todd


2016 Old Time Strongman Championships

Another chapter of USAWA’s Old Time Strongman Championship is in the books. This is one of the newer championships in the USAWA.  It was started by Thom VanVleck several years ago, and has been hosted by me for the past 3 years.  This year’s event proved to be our best turnout since it has been contested in the big tin-can with ten competitors.  The weather could not have been more cooperative.  It was a great day to be an all-rounder.

The day started off with a bang. My 3 month old black lab/redbone hound mix Archibald was on hand to support us all day.  Before the meet he was causing a commotion over behind some equipment by the wall.  When we looked to see what was going on, it appeared he was doing battle with a critter, which turned out to be a woodchuck.  Before long, it became obvious that Archie would be the victor, and he proudly made a victory lap around the barn with the critter hanging from his mouth.

Anyhow, after the excitement, it was time for the lifting to begin. We had a wide array of competitors with different lifting experience.  Abe Smith made his way back into the USAWA.  Abe saw lots of success competing for Clarks gym a number of years ago.  At a lighter bodyweight with huge poundages lifted, Abe has always been tough to beat in all-round.  President Denny Habecker came from Pennsylvania.  Denny is a seasoned all-rounder and Olympic weightlifter.  His travel partner was one of the senior members of the USAWA, Art Montini.  Dean Ross from Oklahoma was there.  Dean has been a highland games thrower for many years, and now is a stalwart in the USAWA.  My good friend and training partner Lance Foster was there.  Lance has competed in strongman, powerlifting, Highland Games, and all-round.  Scott Tully and Heather Gardner came from Salina, KS to compete.  Scott, who was a huge presence in Strongman for many years, also competed in powerlifting and highland games.  Heather trains at Scott’s gym, Driven Fitness, and has primarily competed in powerlifting.  Greg Cook made his return to all-round.  Greg is an old school powerlifter who I competed with in strongman for a number of years.  Ben Edwards also came to us from Kansas.  Ben has competed in all-round and highland games, but is probably best known for being one of the most successful grip competitors in our area.

We started off with the Dinnie lift. There were some great lifts here, with four lifters going over 600 pounds.  Abe Smith’s 650 without the aid of a hook grip was maybe the most impressive, along with Heather’s 480 record attempt.

The next discipline was the Thor’s hammer. I had heard that in training, Ben had been hitting record poundages, so I knew I would have my work cut out for me to keep pace.  Well, we both hit our stride in this one.  We both hit the all-time record on the Thor’s hammer in competition of 55 pounds.  In a record attempt, I also hit a 60 pound lift, to again beat the all-time record.

In the third lift of the meet, we contested the Saxon Snatch. Though not Art’s favorite lift, he did comment to me that he would be making the implement when he got home.  Scott’s best in the competition was 100 pounds.  But in a record attempt, he nailed 110 for the all-time record in an attempt that looked effortless.

In the last lift of the day, we did the Hackenschmidt Floor Press. Scott opened very conservatively, but ended with a top lift of 355.  Abe wowed everyone again with a 335 lift at 183 pound body weight.  Heather challenged the guys with her 175 lift.

In the end, Abe’s incredible strength per body weight was insurmountable. Particularly impressive as he had not trained for these specific disciplines.   Heather was the women’s champion.  Results are as follows.

Meet Results:

2016 OTSM Championships
September 10, 2016
ET’s House of Stone
Turney, MO

Meet Director: Eric Todd

Officials: Eric Todd, Lance Foster, Denny Habecker

Lifts: Thor’s Hammer, Hackenschmidt Floor Press, Saxon Snatch, Dinnie Lift

Lifter Weight Age Dinnie Thor’s Saxon Hacken Total Ajd Age Adj Place
Eric Todd 259 41 700 55 105 400 1260 983.808 1003.484 2
Dean Ross 253.5 73 400 30 65 215 710 558.912 748.942 5
Denny Habecker 196.5 73 350 25 55 215 645 581.468 779.166 4
Art Montini 176 88 230 12.5 30 100 372.5 358.047 533.49 9
Lance Foster 340 50 480 32.5 60 175 747.5 511.664 567.947 8
Ben Edwards 231 41 500 55 80 245 880 726.528 741.059 7
Greg Cook 254 59 600 40 70 225 935 735.097 882.116 3
Scott Tully 356.5 40 600 40 100 355 1095 733.76 741.2 6
Abe Smith 183 37 650 30 80 335 1095 1028.315 1028.315 1
Heather Gardner 215 35 400 25 65 175 665 570.437 570.431 1
Extra attempts for record Lifter Weight
Hackenschmidt Floor press Dean Ross 225
Dinnie Lift Heather Graham 480
Thor’s Hammer Eric Todd 60
Saxon Snatch Scott Tully 110

All weights recorded in pounds.

OTSM Championships

by Eric Todd

OTSM Championship Announcement

On September 10, 2016, ET”S House of Iron and Stone will play host to the USAWA Oldtime Strongman Championship for the third time in its six years of existence. Once again, it will be in my tin can, which is an absolutely no-frills facility, but with plenty of iron to set some big records.  In the five previous championships, the title has been won by 4 different lifters.  Come out on September 10 and add your name to that list.  Lifts that will be contested this year are:

Thor’s hammer

Saxon Snatch

Hackenschmidt Floor Press

Dinnie Lift

As time allows after the meet, there will be opportunity for some record breaking. There will be awards for this meet.  Please get your entries in early in order that I can best prepare for this event.  I look forward to seeing you all here on September 10!

Entry Form (PDF) – OTSM Entry

OTSM Championships

by Eric Todd

This Saturday past, ET’s House of Iron and Stone played host to the third annual “Battle in the Barn”. This year’s affair also served as the Old Time Strongman Championship for the USAWA. It turned out to be a great competition with some new lifters as well as some of the old players as well. The weather was cold, but the competition was not. Some fantastic lifting was done.

We started out with the Saxon Snatch. To my knowledge, this is only the second time this lift has been contested in the USAWA. Keith Thompson and I tied for the top mark of 105 pounds, just shy of Mark Mitchell’s all time record of 107. Next we hit the Apollon’s Lift. In this Discipline, Keith Thompson once again tied for top honors, this time with Mike Lucht, making his return to all-round. They both hit 305 pounds. However, this was possibly overshadowed by Jenna Lucht’s 150 pound lift, which tied her for the all-time female record with the powerful Felicia Simms. As the day progressed, the weights got heavier. We moved into the Dinnie Lift. This time, I had the top lift of 700 pounds, missing a 780 record attempt. Greg Cook hit a very impressive 650 his very first time trying the lift, and Keith Thompson hitting a 600 without the aid of a hook grip. We headed to the last lift of the day, the Hand and Thigh. Keith Thompson hit an easy PR of half a ton. I finally hit the elusive 1500, first time going this high in a meet. I missed a record attempt of 1565. Jenna hit an easy 600 for her top lift in the meet, but then shamed us all with a huge 810 record attempt. Mind you, on my top end lifting, an ant could have squeaked through. Jenna cleared by four inches!

Also in attendance were Lance Foster and Dean Ross. Both cease to amaze me with their dedication to our organization and their attendance at meet in the area. Both came ready to battle, and actually flip flopped in places. Lance got fourth in total weight lifted, and Dean when formula and age adjustment was made.


USAWA OTSM Championships
November 1st, 2014
ET’s House of Iron and Stone
Turney, Missouri

Meet Director: Eric Todd
Judges: Lance Foster, Mike Murdock, Eric Todd
Record keeper and expeditor: Mike Murdock
Loaders: Scott Tully and all competitors
Celebrity Guest appearance: Conan Wass

Lifts: Saxon Snatch, Appollon’s Lift, Dinnie Lift, Hand and Thigh

Women’s Results

Jenna Lucht 23 144 40 150 420 600 1210 1321.9

Men’s Results

Eric Todd 39 255.5 105 300 700 1500 2605 2042.8
Greg Cook 57 250 80 190 650 950 1870 1749.4
Keith Thompson 28 239.5 105 305 600 1000 2010 1628.3
Dean Ross 71 267.5 60 115 420 720 1315 1330.3
Lance Foster 48 335 65 170.5 490 720 1445 1066.1
Mike Lucht 32 227.5 90 305 525 xxx 920 765.6

Notes: BWT is bodyweight in pounds. All lifts recorded in pounds. TOT is total pounds lifted.  PTS are total adjusted points for age and bodyweight corrections.

4th attempt for records:
Apollon’s Lift: Greg Cook 205#
Hand and Thigh: 810#

Record breaking after meet:
Snatch From Hang: Mike Lucht 170# judged by Mike Murdock and Lance Foster
Right hand 2” Vertical Bar: Keith Thompson 215# judged by Lance Foster and Mike Murdock
Cyr Press: Jenna Lucht 70# judged by Lance Foster and Mike Murdock
Harness Lift: Eric Todd 2560 Judged by Lance Foster

OTSM Championships

by Thom Van Vleck


Group picture from the 2013 OTSM Championships.

The 3rd annual Old Time Strong Man (OTSM) Championship capped off a great year for OTSM in the USAWA. This year saw FOUR OTSM meets with 38 total competitors. I will try and do around up of the four meets at a later time, but for now here’s the lowdown for the OTSM Championships at the JWC Training Hall.

Let’s do something different and lead off with those that make the meet happen. John O’Brien and Laverne Myers were my loaders and this is no easy task at an OTSM meet, especially when it comes to the Dinnie lift where you have to load one implement at 75% of the other…John O’Brien manned the calculator and I think he needed his Ph.D to figure that out! Not a single mistake! Al Myers was on hand as the scorekeeper and supplied the lifters with information on the current records for the lifts. I acted as the head judge and I think I did a good job as almost every lift was passed and I got no dirty looks!

We had 7 lifters brave the bad weather to come to meet. I had a few cancellations due to the weather but I totally understand. The Dino Gym was well represented with Scott Tully and Mark Mitchell. Al Springs came up for the meet. Mike McIntyre was there to represent the JWC for me while Lance Foster and Eric Todd represented KC Strongman while Denny Habecker was there representing his own “Habecker’s Gym”.

We started with the Anderson Squat and it became apparent that Eric Todd was going to be the man to beat as he topped all the lifters by a wide margin going over 800lbs. It also became clear there was going to be a fight for 2nd and 3rd.

Eric Todd used a 355 pound Anderson Press help him to Overall Best Lifter at the 2013 OTSM Championships.

The second lift was the Anderson Press. Again, Eric Todd was the top lifter. But Mike McIntyre put up a great effort and after the results were entered Mike was in 2nd overall and Denny was 3rd. Mark Mitchell was a very close 4th. Eric was going to have to bomb the last event to lose but it was turning into a very exciting finish with the Dinnie lift coming up.

In the Dinnie Lift Al Springs opened at 185 and did something I don’t think I’ve ever seen. He jumped 200lbs for his 2nd attempt…and MADE IT! He also went on to make 405 for his third. Lance Foster his several PR’s and the Dinnie lift was a big one as he jumped over 50lbs from his last meet. Mark Mitchell lost his grip on his last attempt and then struggled through several attempts and with the clock ticking down finally found the groove. It’s always impressive to me when a lifter struggles mightily and then comes through in the end. Denny went three for three which ended up being important to him as he barely ended up edging Mike McIntyre in points….it was a fraction of a point in the end. Mike did all he could to hang onto 2nd including pulling a 710lb lift…impressive because he had NEVER done the lift before. Eric pulled the 710 for his second and wanted to try a PR….the only problem was we couldn’t fit enough weight on the bar! Eric had easily won the meed so it was inconsequential to the meet but I still felt bad that Eric couldn’t take a crack at his own USAWA record.

All the lifters got the “famous” JWC anvil trophies and also a long sleeve JWC Club shirt. Everyone seemed to have a good time and it seemed to be one of the most friendly meets I’ve been to as the lifters seemed to be joking and laughing a lot and there was a lot of encouragement when it was time to lift. It is times like those that I am proud to belong to the USAWA! I am already thinking about next year and I hope we can continue to grow. If you have any ideas for lifts, let me or Al Myers know. See you next year!


2013 USAWA OTSM Championships
December 7th, 2013
JWC Training Hall, Kirksville, Missouri

Meet Director:  Thom Van Vleck

Announcer and Scorekeeper:  Al Myers

Official (1-official system used): Thom Van Vleck

Loaders: LaVerne Myers and John O’Brien

Lifts: Anderson Squat, Anderson Press, Dinnie Lift


Eric Todd 38 261 810 355 710 1875 1455.9
Denny Habecker 71 194 365 180 440 985 1182.0
Mike McIntyre 29 308 630 305 710 1645 1179.6
Mark Mitchell 53 307 550 250 600 1400 1146.1
Scott Tully 37 328 500 280 630 1410 981.8
Lance Foster 48 328 450 160 550 1160 880.4
Al Springs 71 196 190 100 405 695 828.7


Denny Habecker: Anderson Squat 410 lbs.
Mike McIntyre: Anderson Press 315 lbs.
Lance Foster: Anderson Press 170 lbs.
Lance Foster: Dinnie Lift 575 lbs.

NOTES:  BWT is bodyweight in pounds.  All lifts recorded in pounds.  TOT is total pounds lifted.  PTS is adjusted points for age and bodyweight correction.