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3rd Quarter Postal

By Al Myers

MEET RESULTS – 3rd Quarter Postal Meet

Meet Director: Denny Habecker
Dates: July 1st – September 30th

Lifts: Clean and Press – Alternate Grip, Clean and Jerk – One Arm, Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip

Lifters using the 3-official system:
Dan Wagman – Officials RJ Jackson & Jarrod Fobes
Mark Raymond – Officials Frank Ciavattone & Rocky Morrison
Kimberlyn Lydon – Officials Frank Ciavattone & Rocky Morrison

Lifters using the 1-official system:
Al Myers – Official LaVerne Myers
Eric Todd – Official Denny Habecker
Rocky Morrison – Official Frank Ciavattone
Dean Ross – Official Denny Habecker
LaVerne Myers – Official Al Myers
Lance Foster – Official Eric Todd
Aidan Habecker – Official Denny Habecker
RJ Jackson – Official Jarrod Fobes
Crystal Diggs – Official RJ Jackson

Lifters using a non-certified judge:
Denny Habecker
David Fisher
Lynda Burns


RJ Jackson 54 105 65 55R 190 310 498.3
Kim Lydon 25 150 88 67R 209 364 387.7
Lynda Burns 41 203 65 45L 190 300 270.9
Crystal Diggs 29 164 45 25 45 115 115.7


 Lifter Age BWT C&P C&J DL TOT PTS
Dan Wagman OP 182 191 112L 425 728 685.1
Al Myers 50 227 120 110R 407 637 590.0
Eric Todd 41 259 200 100R 335 665 528.9
Rocky Morrison 54 292 134 76L 380 590 498.9
Denny Habecker 74 189 99 55R 242 396 493.4
Dean Ross 73 253 85 0 295 380 401.4
Mark Raymond 53 237 122 66R 242 430 399.7
LaVerne Myers 72 234 75 45L 242 362 395.3
Lance Foster 50 338 100 45R 295 440 342.3
Aidan Habecker 13 128 44 33R 143 220 323.6
David Fisher 41 218 100 50L 200 350 304.2

Notes: BWT is bodyweight in pounds. R and L designate right and left arms. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are overall points adjusted for bodyweight and age corrections. All lifts recorded in pounds.

National Postal

by Al Myers


Congratulations to all the lifters that took part in the 2013 National Postal Championships!!!  It was a well represented meet – with a total of 19 lifters taking part.  Gabby Jobe was the lone female entrant – and for that she gathered the title of National Postal Champion.  The Mens Division was a “slug fest” with several BIG NAME lifters competing.  Dino Gym member Chad Ullom took top honors, edging out Orie Barnett. Troy Goetsch was third, Joe Ciavattone Jr. fourth, and Eric Todd fifth. The BIG BULL Bryan Benzel came in sixth, but he posted the highest total of the meet at 1261 pounds.

Gabby was the youngest lifter of the meet at 10 years of age.  Denny “the PREZ” Habecker was the oldest lifter of the meet at 70 years of age. Gabby was the lightest competitor at 103 pounds. The lightest male lifter was Denny, at 190 pounds.  The heaviest lifter of the meet was close between my two training partners Scott Tully and Mark Mitchell, as well as Lance Foster.  Scott ended up reigning as the heavyweight supremo at 331 pounds – of solid muscle I might add!


2013 National Postal Championships
December, 2012

Meet Director: John Wilmot

Lifters using a Certified Official (1 official system used):

Gabby Jobe – Certified Officials Alison Jobe, Jesse Jobe
Troy Goetsch – Certified Officials Jesse Jobe, Bryan Benzel
Barry Bryan – Certified Official Denny Habecker
Scott Tully – Certified Official Al Myers
Mark Mitchell – Certified Official Al Myers
Denny Habecker – Certified Official Barry Bryan
Tim Songster Sr. – Certified Officials Jesse Jobe, Dan Bunch
Joe Ciavattone Jr. – Certified Official Joe Ciavattone Sr.
Jesse Jobe – Certified Officials Bryan Benzel, Dan Bunch
Chad Ullom – Certified Official Al Myers
Eric Todd – Certified Official Lance Foster
Daniel Bunch – Certified Official Jesse Jobe, Bryan Benzel
Bryan Benzel – Certified Officials Jesse Jobe, Dan Bunch
Lance Foster – Certified Official Eric Todd

Lifters using a non-certified Judge (Not eligible for records):

Samuel Rogers – Judge Orie Barnett
John Wilmot – Judge Kay Wilmot
Orie Barnett – Judge Samuel Rogers
Joe Ciavattone Sr. – Judge Joe Ciavattone Jr.

Lifter without any Judge (Exhibition Only):

James Fuller – no Judge

Lifts: Clean and Press – Reverse Grip, Squat – 12″ Base, Deadlift – 2 Dumbbells


Gabby Jobe 10 103 41 90 100 231 435.9



Chad Ullom 41 251 198 507 552 1257 1015.2
Orie Barnett 51 229 190 485 400 1075 998.9
Troy Goetsch 26 198 181 455 430 1066 958.0
Joe Ciavattone Jr. 19 218 200 450 450 1100 956.2
Eric Todd 37 260 225 455 520 1200 933.4
Bryan Benzel 25 292 261 500 500 1261 926.1
Samuel Rogers 50 208 180 395 328 903 876.0
Mark Mitchell 52 327 220 451 422 1093 861.1
Joe Ciavattone Sr. 44 228 185 400 400 985 860.7
Jesse Jobe 35 242 200 365 450 1015 818.8
Tim Songster Sr. 45 204 175 345 350 870 814.7
Barry Bryan 54 197 176 231 360 768 794.7
Scott Tully 37 331 176 418 510 1104 765.5
Daniel Bunch 48 365 176 315 390 881 740.1
Denny Habecker 70 190 110 176 294 580 699.8
John Wilmot 65 219 105 205 300 610 653.2
Lance Foster 47 326 141 250 350 741 568.9
James Fuller 41 234 143 346 501 990 827.5

NOTES:  All weights recorded in pounds. BWT is bodyweight in pounds.  TOT is total pounds lifted.  PTS is adjusted points for bodyweight and age correction.

Last Call for Postal Championships!

by Al Myers

The very last meet of the year is the USAWA Postal Championships.  The deadline for completing your lifts is the last day of December.   The Postal Championships is the “grand finale” of the quarterly postal meets offered by the USAWA.   John Wilmot has been the director of these Postal Meets for some time, and now has the OFFICIAL TITLE of Postal Meet Director in the USAWA. 

I want to remind everyone that the Yearly Postal Meet Series scoring will be done again this year to “crown” a Postal Meet Champ for the year in the USAWA.  Each postal meet generates points for a lifter, with the Postal Championships being worth DOUBLE POINTS!  Even if you have not competed in the previous postal meets this year, competing in the Postal Championships may earn you enough points to place in the TOP TEN.  All details of this meet is located under “USAWA Events”  in the middle part of the right column of the home page.

Announcement of Postal Meets

by Al Myers

The USAWA Postal Meet schedule has been released for 2012!  John Wilmot has been the USAWA Postal Meet Director for several years now, and once again, has planned a challenging set of postal meets for the USAWA for the coming year.  The USAWA quarterly postal series has been gaining in popularity, with this past year being the most participated series to date.  John deserves a “BIG THANKS” for the work he puts into setting up these postal meets and doing the scoring.  He always sends out nice certificates to recognize  a lifters performance.  And I want to mention this again – entering these postal meets is at NO CHARGE! 

This year’s schedule is as follows:

Eastern Open Postal Meet
March 1st to March 31st

Middle Atlantic Postal Meet
June 1st to June 30th

Delaware Valley Postal Meet
September 1st to September 30th

National Postal Championships
December 1st to December 31st

The rules of entering postal meets are pretty simple: 1. Do all the lifts in ONE DAY only, 2. Follow the rules of the USAWA, 3. Fill out the entry form correctly and send it to John Wilmot, 4. Submit the entry form by the deadline date, and 5. Be a current PAID UP member of the USAWA.  That’s it – pretty simple.  Anyone should be able to follow those simple rules, and if not, find a training partner who is smarter than yourself to do it for you.  You may have anyone judge your lifts to score for the competition, but if you want your lifts to count for an USAWA record, this judge MUST be a USAWA Certified Official.  Also, if you are not a USAWA member your results will be omitted from the websites results when I receive them, so it’s a good idea to join the USAWA before you send your postal meet results to John.

The entry forms for these Postal Meets are available under the heading  “USAWA Future Events”, which is located on the right side of the home page.