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Cancer Benefit by Powerhouse Gym

(WEBMASTER:  The Powerhouse Gym in Burton, England recently did a weightlifting fundraiser for Breast Cancer and Cancer Research.  The following writeup was done by Steve on the IAWA(UK) Facebook page, but I feel it is noteworthy to on the USAWA website as well.  Well done to Powerhouse Gym!!!)

by Steve Gardner

Powerhouse Gym Charity Weightlifting Record Attempt

Participants in the Charity Benefit from the Powerhouse Gym.

At 6pm on Monday 14th January 2013, ten members of the Powerhouse Gym took part in an epic attempt to lift as much weight as they could in three hours and nine minutes: as per the IAWA World Record criteria. The event was run to raise money for Charity as well as for the individuals to attempt to set new records in the lift. To complete the challenge the lifters used the hand and thigh lift with varying weights from 50, 100 and 150 kilos for repetitions. As the event proceeded the lifters grip started to suffer and were callouses torn, with a great added pressure on the referees and organising officials as the constant counting and officiating of all the repetitions, and keeping the lifting to a regular order, making sure every attempt w…as properly completed and recorded, took its toll. The last 30 minutes was at fever pitch as lifters used every last ounce of enthusiasm to complete as many lifts as possible within the time, and when it was all over the officials and lifters were mentally shattered as well as physically.

Promotion for the Charity Lift Off.

At the end of the event, the team had amassedan amazing total of One Million, Nine Hundred and Eighty One Thousand and Seven Hundred Kilos (1,981,700.00) a mind boggling amount. Karen and Steve the main organisers of the event are very proud of the lifters who completed the challenge and now hope to be IAWA record holders with: Paula De La Mata 45,500.00 Jason Dorn 199,250.00 Graham Saxton 182,000.00 Mark Price 264,000.00 Simon 232,000.00 Luke Davis 268,000.00 James Gardner 300,000.00 and John Gardner 337,000.00.

Hopefully the team will have raised a good sum of money for Breast Cancer and Cancer research and we will keep people informed once we have the grand total, and Karen will arrange for a representative from the Cancer unit at Burton Hospital to come along and receive the money – Once again..Well done all, and a big thanks to all who sponsored the team!!

Steve Gardner, IAWA President

by Al Myers

Steve Gardner in action as a Powerlifter taking a big squat down deep!

Most lifters involved with the USAWA know that Steve Gardner is our IAWA president.  Steve is closing in on the end of his third four year term as the IAWA President. This is a total of 12 YEARS that he has committed to leading our organization!  The IAWA (International All-Round Weightlifting Association) is the world umbrella organization of all-round weightlifting in which the USAWA is affiliated with.   There are four major countries that are involved with the IAWA (United States, England, Scotland and Australia).  Lifters from other countries (New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, and a few others) have competed in IAWA International events, but these countries do not have organized associations which oversee the all-round events within them.  Steve’s Presidency followed that of Howard Prechtel.  Howard also served the organization for 12 years.

Steve lifting a van during his days as a Police Officer.

Steve lives in Burton on Trent, England.  He began living there when he was stationed there as a Police Officer out of the police academy.  It was then that Steve realized that he had ability lifting weights.  Steve started out as a competive powerlifter.  In the early 80’s Steve won the British Title and represented Great Britain three years in a row at the European and World Championships with the WDFPF. He was the heavyweight Champion in 1990, winning the Championship in Belgium. Steve also won a Bronze Medal at the World Championships in Chicago in 1989 and a Silver Medal in France in 1991.  He has held several European Powerlifting Records with the WDFPF (World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation).

Steve getting ready to flip a big caber in a Highland Games.

Steve has also been involved in Strongman and the Highland Games.  Most don’t know this about him, but I got this story out of him recently.  In the early 80’s he competed with Geoff Capes and the International Touring team all over Great Britain, competing in Strongman and the Highland Games. At one competition he placed 4th in the World Lorry Pulling Championships and BEAT the then World’s Strongest Man Jon Pall Sigmarson!!!! Now that’s a good story.

Around 1985, Steve became involved with the All Rounds.  This was before the IAWA was even organized.  Steve was involved in the first IAWA events, and has competed in MANY international competitions.  The following is a small list of his accomplishments within the IAWA.  It would take pages and pages to list everything Steve has done in and for the IAWA!!!

  • IAWA World Heavyweight Champion 17 times (won multiple World titles in the United States, England, Scotland, and Australia)
  • Hosted the IAWA World Championships 3 times (2008, 2004, 1994) in Burton on Trent
  • Hosted the IAWA Gold Cup World Record Breaker 4 times (2011, 2000, 1997, 1993) in Burton on Trent
  • Promoted the IAWA World Postal Meet multiple times
  • Instigated and developed the drug testing program within the IAWA, which insures that our sport offers drug-free competition
  • Holder of multiple IAWA World Records (to many to count), and holder of the ALL TIME best Steinborn Lift at 200 kilograms
  • Served on the IAWA Technical Committee and has been the person responsible for updating and maintaining the IAWA Rulebook
  • Served as meet announcer and recorder numerous times at World Championships and Gold Cups

Steve also has a very active All-Round Weightlifting Club.  He runs the Powerhouse Gym in Burton, and has since 1985.  He has coached numerous lifters – powerlifters, Olympic lifters, and All-Rounders. Several of his lifters have went on to win National and World Titles.  His gym has also been the host venue of several IAWA competitions.  The 2011 IAWA Gold Cup was held in the Powerhouse Gym.

Steve competing in the Lorry Pulling Event in a Strongman Competition.

Steve has also been very involved in Tug of War. He began in 1975 as a member of the Holland Tug of War Club in Barton under Needwood.  Reporting on Steves accomplishments with Tug of War is another story in itself!!!  Steve is very involved in the Holland Sports Club.  He has been a member for over 20 years and has been in the office as Chairman for the last 6 years. He was made an honorary life member in the Holland Sports Club  in 2010 in recognition of the work he has done for the club. He is also a member of the East Staffs and District Sports Council, which awards sports grants and recognizes outstanding sports achievements.  Steve has served on the Barton Parish Council for 8 years.  He has held office as Vice Chairman for 2 years and then Chairman of the Council for another 2 years.

I have spent a lot of time in the last few years visiting with Steve.  Steve contains a WEALTH of information about many topics.  Last fall when I was in Burton for the Gold Cup Steve gave me a car tour of the town and surrounding area.  I felt like I was getting a history lesson on local history from a professional tour guide! As it turns out, Steve finally told me that he has written three books that were published about the history of Barton under Needwood. So he is, in a  sense, a professional tour guide!!

Steve and the club members of the Powerhouse Gym.

We are VERY fortunate as an organization to have Steve as our President.  We owe him alot of thanks for everything he has done to better our organization.  Very few people would “give” to an organization as much as Steve has done with IAWA.  He made the trip to Australia to help coordinate and announce the competition – just because he wanted to help make the World Championhships a great event.  I should mention that he didn’t even lift.  Not many would do that.  The IAWA has maintained WORLD-WIDE involvement because of Steve’s leadership and guidance. I feel I speak on behalf of the entire organization when I say this – we greatly apprecate the work Steve has done to make the IAWA a better organization.