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Updated Rulebook

by Al Myers

I have just finished updating the USAWA Rulebook from the changes voted on and made at the Annual Meeting. One new lift was approved this year – the Reg Park Bench Press.  The rules for this new lift are now in the USAWA Rulebook.  The Rulebook is available for free download on this website.

We are now on the 9th Edition of the USAWA Rulebook.  The Rulebook is 120 pages long and is over 35,000 words.

New Rulebook – 6th Edition

by Al Myers

USAWA Rulebook 6th Edition

The new updated USAWA Rulebook is now available.  It is the 6th Edition, and contains all the updated rules changes.  It is available in the USAWA Online Store for $30 plus shipping.  The USAWA bylaws are now included as part of the Rulebook.  As always, the Rulebook is on the website FREE OF CHARGE to download (but it is a large pdf at over 4 MB, so it takes a little while).   The Rulebook for sale is a spiral bound book with a clear cover.