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Judy Habecker: the USAWA Official Scorekeeper

by Al Myers

It was my privilege to work alongside Judy Habecker at the 2011 USAWA National Championships. (left to right): Al Myers, Judy Habecker

Today I want to mention Judy Habecker and how her input into the USAWA is so vital.  Usually the lifters get all the recognition and the people who provide all the support “behind the scenes” don’t receive the recognition they deserve.   For those of us that have been actively involved in USAWA competitions for 10 years or more, we know who these people are.  I know alot of “first timers” or new lifters might not be aware of this as much, but I know I REALLY APPRECIATE THEM.  Judy has been our main scorekeeper at our big competitions (Nationals, Worlds, and the Gold Cup) for many years and because of her efforts, meets “go off” without a hitch.  Most lifters just take this for granted and don’t realize all the work that is done by Judy. 

Judy takes her job as meet scorekeeper very serious.  I have to confess that I didn’t fully understand how serious she was with her scorekeeping until  this past National Championships where I was the announcer and had to work “side by side” with her all day.  I was a little nervous if I could “pull my weight” as announcer since I know Judy has kept score alongside such reputable and famous announcers as IAWA Prez Steve Gardner and “the Father of the USAWA”  Bill Clark.  I told Judy from the very start of the day that I was going to rely on her VERY MUCH – and she didn’t let me down!  Judy is a perfectionist when it comes to keeping the scores right and in keeping the proper information in front of me the entire day so I could do my job as the announcer.  And I’ll say it again -NEVER ONCE did she let me down!  To sum up this past National Meet, we had 18 lifters, 6 lifts apiece, a total of close to 400 total lifts with extra attempts, and all done in 7 hours on ONE PLATFORM.  Do the math – that is close to one attempt per minute!  There are not very many scorekeepers who could keep up this pace and not let down throughout the day, but for Judy it was nothing more than a “walk in the park”!  Another thing most lifters don’t realize is the amount of work that needs to be done AFTER the meet by Judy in tallying the scoresheets.  The formulas need applied, and calculations need made.  This has to be done correctly or the wrong lifters may get announced as the winners.  While the rest of us were enjoying our beverage of choice at the banquet, I noticed Judy was still “double checking” her calculations on the scoresheet to make sure “everything was right”.

We are very fortunate to have someone like Judy to “step up” and take on this very important job within our organization.  It is a position that has no glory, and if no mistakes are ever made, the scorekeeper does not get noticed.   I also consider Judy one of the KEY MEMBERS of our organization.  She always joins the USAWA every year whether she plans to compete or not, and takes active involvement in our meetings, always giving very valuable input.  I’m pretty sure if she ran for President of the USAWA she probably would get elected (haha Just kiddin ya Denny!). 

Please do me a favor and at the next meet thank Judy for all she does.  She DESERVES IT!