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Spec Equipment: Fulton Dumbbell

By Al Myers


The Fulton Dumbbell has been added to the USAWA Online Store, under Spec Equipment.  This is a very well built piece that will last forever in your gym.  I personally guarantee that you will never bend it in your lifetime.  It is made from a solid 1-15/16″ diameter cold roll shaft.  The Fulton Dumbbells in the Dino Gym are exactly the same.


By Al Myers

Dumbbell Walk Handle

Dumbbell Walk Handle

The Dumbbell Walk Handle has been added to the USAWA Online Store. The Dumbbell Walk is a very unique grip lift in the USAWA, and has been tested many times at the USAWA Grip Championships.  This Dumbbell Walk Handle conforms to the rules for the Dumbbell Walk, which is an official lift of the USAWA. The USAWA rules for the Dumbbell Walk require a lifter to carry this large (3.5″) diameter dumbbell with one hand over the distance of 10 feet! It is a great test of gripping strength, and anything over 100 pounds in the Dumbbell Walk is considered a very good lift.

It can be found in the USAWA Online Store, under the heading of “Spec Equipment”.

Spec Equipment – 3″ Bar

By Al Myers

3" Bar

3″ Bar

Now here’s a very special piece of Spec Equipment for the USAWA  – the 3″ Bar.  Only ONE OFFICIAL USAWA lift utilizes the 3″ Bar, and that is the Deadlift with the 3″ Bar.  A 2″ bar is very common now in gyms, but I doubt if many training facilities have the 3″ Bar.  The USAWA rules for the 3″ bar are pretty simple: contain no knurling, have no revolving sleeves, and be 3″ in diameter.

The 3″ Bar Deadlift has been done only a few times in the USAWA. The first USAWA competition it was held in was the 2001 SuperGrip Challenge, hosted by Kevin Fulton.  At that meet Matt Graham hoisted up 600 pounds, which still stands as the ALL TIME USAWA record.  A picture of Kevin Fulton performing the 3″ Bar Deadlift graces our Rulebook in the rule for this lift which was done at that competition. It’s also been done at the 2011 and 2017 USAWA Grip Championships at the Dino Gym, plus a couple of record days at Clark’s Gym.  So that leaves 3 gyms that I know of that have a 3″ bar.  If any other USAWA gyms have one please let me know on the USAWA Discussion Forum.

The 3″ Bar has been added to the USAWA Online Store, under “USAWA Spec Equipment”.  I would say this would be an excellent addition to any USAWA Club!

Spec Equipment – 2″ VB

By Al Myers

Official USAWA 2" Vertical Bar

Official USAWA 2″ Vertical Bar

I’ve made an addition to the USAWA Online Store today.  In addition to the USAWA Merchandise section I’ve added a USAWA Spec Equipment section. This section will contain equipment specially needed for the various odd USAWA lifts that require special equipment.  I’ve found often the limitation of people being able to perform several of the USAWA lifts is that they don’t have the special equipment to do them! All of the equipment that will be listed conforms to the rules and standards set forth in the USAWA Rulebook.

Also, all of the equipment listed has been donated to the USAWA so the proceeds from this will be 100 percent PROFIT to the USAWA!

The first USAWA Spec Equipment item has been listed, and it is the 2″ Vertical Bar.  For those of you that have used the 2″ VB in the Dino Gym, these are identical.  With time, more USAWA Spec Equipment items will be added to the USAWA Online Store.