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Tractor Pull Meet

by Roger LaPointe

The 2nd Annual Atomic Athletic Tractor Pull Weekend Meet went very well. Everyone had a blast.   While it is not yet official, it looks like we may have collectively broken 10 US records and 5 World Records. Each of our lifters broke some sort of record.

We had an unexpected surprise, thanks to the efforts of Scott Schmidt. We have two Ohio based officials that are getting back into the All Round Weightlifting game: John Kurtz and Jim Malloy. As John McKean pointed out, both were very active lifters, with John being both a founding member and an official at many of Howard Prechtel’s events, including the Nationals. I had never previously met them, but hope to make them a fixture at Atomic Athletic events. They each seemed to enjoy themselves and fit right in with our group. By the end of the meet, they each seemed to be itching to pick up some weights. Who knows, maybe we can convince them to do a little coaching or even get them on the platform. I know that I have learned a good deal from lifting with Dave Polzin, who has continued his annihilation of almost every record he sets his sights on. Maybe I will get a chance to learn a bit from Jim and John as well.

I would like to thank everyone who lifted, officiated and helped to clean up. I hope to see everyone at the next Atomic Athletic meet. If anyone would like to make some lift suggestions, please send the requests to me.  We also have meet shirts left over. If you would like to buy one,  the photo will be up on the site tomorrow, but it reflects the general design of the site graphic with black ink on a green shirt. I will make sure to note which sizes are left tonight.


2012 Atomic Athletic Tractor Pull Weekend Meet
August 18th, 2012
Atomic Athletic, Bowling Green, Ohio

Meet Director: Roger LaPoint
Officials: Scott Schmidt, Jim Malloy, John Kurtz, John McKean

Lifts: Deadlift – One Arm, Jefferson Lift – Fulton Bar, Crucifix
USR = New “possible” U. S. Record
WR= New “possible” World Record

LIFTER DL-1 Arm Jefferson FB Crucifix
David Polzin,216# BW,Age 62 311#R USR/WR 402#USR/WR 60#USR/WR
John McKean,165#BW, Age 66 267#R 303#USR/WR 35#USR
Scott Schmidt,242# BW, Age 59 282#R 281#USR/WR 90#USR
Roger LaPointe,167# BW, Age 41 267#R USR 303#USR 75#USR

If anyone is wondering about the odd weight increments for the 1 Arm Deadlift, we were using a 45 pound bar,but lifting with kilo plates. The Crucifix Hold was done with antique York Kettlebell Handles, which are about half a pound lighter than the current kettlebell handles we sell at Atomic Athletic, making the handles, bar and collars a combined weight of 10 pounds. It was a convenient set up for use with pound increment standard size plates.

REMINDER – Tractor Pull Meet

by Roger LaPointe

“Why do you like the All Round Weightlifting so much?”

Of course I like the competition. I also like variety in my competitions. The idea that I am competing in a lift that was historically significant, if you consider anything that only one or two circus guys performed as significant, is also cool. However, it is more than that. I love the USAWA because of the people.

The lifters in the USAWA are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The vast majority are also Masters Age lifters and have tons of knowledge. Yet, there are many strength organizations that are potentially huge sources knowledge, but I have never seen anyone hoard that knowledge in the USAWA.

Atomic Athletic is holding the 2nd Tractor Pull Championship Weekend Meet this Saturday, August 18th. I encourage any of our readers to come and watch. I would love it if you lifted, but new strange lifts can be a bit intimidating. I won’t lie about that. Most serious lifters have never heard of a Jefferson Lift. The fact that we will be doing the Crucifix Hold with a pair of antique kettlebell handles from the 1930s, is lost even on my wife. Don’t let any of these things stop you from watching.

Unlike the Picnic we had in the spring, this is a small, more typical, All Round meet. The atmosphere will be relaxed and you can fire away with the questions, just wait until the lifters are off the competition platform…

Remember, it is FREE to watch.

Today is a good day to lift.