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2010 Club of the Year Rankings

by Al Myers

We have past the half-way point for the 2010 Club of the Year Race.  I have just “calculated” the points each USAWA Club has to date, and put together a ranking list for the Top Five.  Details of the Club Point System have already been detailed in a previous Daily News story in case you missed it.  The defending 2009 Club of the Year Award winner, the Dino Gym, is not eligible for 2010.  It will be the Dino Gyms responsibility (and honor!) to present the award to the 2010 USAWA Club of the Year, which will be done at the 2011 National Meeting.

Club of the Year Race – Top Five

1.  Habecker’s Gym – 16 points

2.  Ambridge VFW Barbell Club – 9 points

3.  Clark’s Championship Gym – 8 points

4.  Ledaig Heavy Athletics – 6 points

5.  Frank’s Barbell Club – 6 points

So far in 2010 the USAWA has 10 registered clubs, which is the most of any year since the beginning of the USAWA.  The previous high was 8 clubs, in 2002 and 2003.  This is good indication that the USAWA Club Program has taken off, and will continue to grow.