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Store Items IN STOCK

by Al Myers

Australian John Mahon wears his new USAWA Hoodie in the "chow line" following the 2012 IAWA World Championships.

Christmas and the Holiday Season is approaching fast and if you are like me, you still have gift shopping to do!  I want to remind everyone that the USAWA offers an online store that features several items that would make the perfect present for the All-Weightlifting enthusiast!  I have just recently upgraded the inventory on hand – and right now everything of all sizes  is IN STOCK.  It’s not too late to order as orders are filled and shipped out daily.  Please remember to “write the check” to the USAWA and NOT to me.  All online store items are found in the lower left-hand column of the front page.

ONLINE STORE ORDER FORM – Online Store Order Form (PDF)

USAWA Online Store

by Al Myers

Last June at the National Meeting in Kirksville, I proposed to the membership that we should  develop an Online Store for the USAWA. This would allow USAWA members to purchase merchandise promoting the USAWA.   The membership was all in favor of this and voted unanimously to do it. Of course I volunteered to head up this project, and it has turned into a BIG PROJECT.  It has taken me a little longer getting this USAWA store online than I imagined  – but the GOOD NEWS is that it is finally up and running!  Initially I had big plans in setting it up, but after running into a few “roadblocks” I decided we would just start simple.   The membership allocated me $1000 to buy merchandise (which I spent every dime of) and I selected 7 basic store items to start with.  The inventory is very slim when you consider having to stock many different sizes of shirts.  Add in offering two colors (Grey and Black) and that leaves only a few shirts of each.  My plan is once our store inventory drops to around $500 worth (that means we have sold $500 worth) I’ll “beg” the USAWA Executive Board to allocate me another $1000 out of the USAWA treasury to buy more stuff. 

These are the 7 items that are now available:  Short Sleeve T-Shirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, the Officials Shirt, Patches, Water Bottles, Hoodies, and the Rulebook.   All profits from the sale of these items goes into the USAWA Bank Account so make sure to make your check or money order out to the USAWA.  DON’T MAKE IT OUT TO ME!!   I marked the items up sufficiently to make some money for the USAWA, but hopefully not so high that it hinder sales.  You have to remember when you order these items that the profits all go to benefit the USAWA, so in a sense when you spend this money you are helping out yourself!!  I don’t envision the USAWA making alot of money off of this Online Store, but hopefully we will make a little that could go to some beneficial cause for the organization.  I talking about the possibility of nicer USAWA Awards for our yearly awards, or even helping subsidize our National Championship with some extra dollars to make our National Meet even better.  But whatever this money is used for, it will benefit EVERYONE!  If this doesn’t “sale you” on ordering – I don’t know what sales pitch would!

The items available in the Online Store are located at the far bottom of the left-hand side of the website under the heading “USAWA Store”.  The order forms are available under “Forms and Applications”. 


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