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The Updated Century Club

by Al Myers

The first half of 2012 has been a record setting pace for the USAWA.  So far 589 new USAWA records have been established in the Record List.  If this pace continues we will eclipse 1000 records this year!!  However, you have to wonder how all this recent activity has affected the RECORDS RACE?  Well, I just did the count and it has not affected it at all!!!  The top 12 “record setters” are still in the same order as the last time I did the count last December. It has put several lifters “on the fringe” of the Century Club, and very soon now we will have some new members in this inclusive club of top performers.  One lifter has dropped out, Joshua Monk, which now leaves the Century Club at 20 members. Most of this list is a “who’s who” of Hall of Famers (only 6 in the century club are not in the HALL).  The biggest mover on the list was Chad Ullom, who moved up from position #20 to position #14. 

CENTURY CLUB (as of 5/29/2012)

1 Denny Habecker 407
2 Art Montini 390
3 Al Myers 354
4 John McKean 260
5 Joe Garcia 233
6 Dennis Mitchell 232
7 Noi Phumchona 214
8 Frank Ciavattone 212
9 Bill Clark 202
10 Bob Hirsh 201
11 Howard Prechtel 170
12 Dale Friesz 145
13 Scott Schmidt 139
14 Chad Ullom 139
15 Jim Malloy 133
16 Ed Schock 132
17 John Monk 123
18 Rudy Bletscher 120
19 Mary McConnaughey 117
20 Chris Waterman 114

Our trusty leader Denny still leads the Records Race. However, he dropped back a few records from his last count of 410.  Blame it on the Jungle Boys – Denny lost a few of his overall records after their last record day.  But then again, Art didn’t use Denny’s lapse to narrow the margin on him.  He should have been putting those young legs of his to use and making it to more meets while Denny was napping.

I also did a count of lifters who are almost there – the CENTURY CLUB that is.  The closest is Dean Ross, who’s record count now stands at 97.  Dean is a warrior at record days – he is always looking to break the next record. Dean has attended several meets already this year. I predict he will be the next member.  Dean is entered in Nationals in Vegas, so it would only be appropriate if this milestone is reached at the GRANDDADDY meet of the year.  Joshua Monk’s count also stands at 97, but unless he gets back to the platform in the USAWA,  he may not rejoin the club. Next in line is John Vernacchio, who has 92 records.  John has been fighting some ill-health lately, but I think with a little encouragement we can get him back in a meet to put a few more records on the board.  Next up in line is the Clark-trained dynamo, Abe Smith, who has 88 records.  Abe is still a young man with loads of strength, and there is really no reason he has not been in a USAWA competition lately.  Maybe this little prodding will get him back into action??? Bill DiCiccio is another Hall of Famer who has dropped off the list because of recent inactivity. His record count is 90 – only 10 short of the club!!!  Surely McKean and Montini  can get him to Art’s Birthday Bash to set 10 records so he can join them in the Century Club.  (I know you guys limit the records at THE BASH to 5 each, but this warrants an exception).  Another very close lifter, is Mike “Murdo” Murdock. Mike is standing at 85 records.  Only one good meet Mike and you ARE THERE!!! Make it happen this summer because I know you can.  All you got to do is not break your own records this time around.  The last lifter I’m going to mention is Bob Geib.  His count now stands at 77.   The truth is that Bob has easily broken over 200 records in his long lifting career within the USAWA, but then his records get broken as well.  Now that Bob is “back in action” in the USAWA, I predict he will make the Century Club.  In fact, he is in my prediction as one of the next three lifters to make it (following Dean and Murdo). 

RIP Rex Monahan, who’s record count now stands at 93.  Rex is a man who truly deserves to be in the CENTURY CLUB, and I’m sure would have if he was still with us on the lifting platform.