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10th Edition Rulebook

By Al Myers

I just got all the updates and editing done for the new USAWA Rulebook 10th Edition. It is now on the website, and I plan to take it to the printers this week to get a few bound hard copies made for sale. However, I’ve found that only a few want hard copies anymore as it’s easier to just view it on the website, and thus you don’t end up with an “out of date” rulebook in a year.

It’s hard to believe that we are up to the 10th Edition.  Since I have been secretary I have updated it each year with the new rules and new lifts that are made each year at the Annual National Meeting of the USAWA.  In the first 22 years of the USAWA there was only 1 update to the original Rulebook, and now we have had 8 updates in 8 years. So either the membership was sitting on their hands and NO CHANGES were made in those early years, or the membership voting decisions were not being put into force.  I would lean towards the later.

Now for a little “trivia” on our USAWA Rulebook:

  • Has 126 pages and over 35,000 words
  • Contains rules for 184 Individual All Lifts
  • Includes the Official Bylaws of the USAWA
  • Includes Scoring Sheets and the Lynch Factor Chart
  • Includes pictures of 108 Lifts
  • Includes pictures of 67 different lifters

I always try to add a few new pictures each year to give illustrations of the lifts being performed. Still over half of the official lifts don’t have a picture with them in the Rulebook.  Early on I put a “cap” on the number of times one individual could be in the Rulebook to spread things around a little.  This limit is three times. This makes it harder for me because there are a few lifters I have many pictures of, and several lifts I have many pictures of.  I welcome people to send me new pictures for future Rulebooks.  So if you want a little “USAWA fame” this is your chance!

These are the lucky few who got in the Rulebook three times: Joe Garcia, Scott Campbell, Al Myers, Denny Habecker, Frank Ciavattone, Chad Ullom, John McKean, Mark Mitchell, Kevin Fulton, Scott Schmidt, Dan Wagman, and LaVerne Myers.

The USAWA Rulebook is something that we should be very proud of. It is the backbone of our organization as it guides us in every competition. With every update it gets a little better, but there are still issues that need addressed with it. As these issues come up during the year they are addressed at the National Meeting and improvements to the Rulebook can be made.

New Rulebook Available!

by Al Myers

USAWA Rulebook 7th Edition

A new, updated USAWA Rulebook is now available.  It is located on the website, under the top heading “Rulebook”. It is available as a pdf download, or available in hard copy form which can be ordered from the USAWA online store.

This is the 7th Edition of the USAWA Rulebook.  Since 2009 there has been an updated Rulebook available every year based on the rule changes that occurred at the Annual Meeting. Before that there were only 2 Rulebooks printed in the previous 20 years plus. The current Rulebook is always the one to follow in terms of the current rules and regulations of the USAWA.  This year only one new official  USAWA lift was added – the Old Time Strongman Lift the Hackenschmidt Floor Press.  The major changes in the Rulebook were the addition of two sections – Official Scoring and National Championships Guidelines.  Both of these sections were very warranted as they contain several of the previous “unwritten rules” of the USAWA, and everyone knows how I dislike unwritten rules!  An appendix was also added which contains the Lynch Factor Chart, weigh-in forms, and meet scoresheets.  The USAWA Bylaws are also included in this Rulebook.

I also added a few new pictures to our great Rulebook.  I feel very good about the progress our Rulebook has made over these past few years.  It is still far from perfect, but at least now when problems are addressed as they occur and decisions are made to rectify the situation – it happens.  I always welcome comments from the membership concerning questions or misunderstanding of statements in the Rulebook if they appear to be confusing.  Only through this diligence can the Rulebook continue to be improved!

New Rulebook Available

by Al Myers

USAWA Rulebook 6th Edition

The new, updated Rulebook is now available on the website.  I’m a little behind on my August 1st deadline, but I have lots of excuses.  I have included the bylaws in this years book, so everything is “nice and tidy” concerning the rules and regulations of the USAWA.  All of the passed agenda items from this year’s National Meeting have been included.  As always, it is free to download it but a printed bound Rulebook comes with a pricetag.  It will continue to be available in the online store.

Rulebook 5th Edition Now Available

by Al Myers

The USAWA Rulebook 5 Edition

The 5th Edition USAWA Rulebook is now available on the website.  As voted on by the membership at the 2011 AGM, the new rulebook became effective August 1st.  The Rulebook is free to download from the website.  I do want to warn you that the Rulebook file is a large one (over 4MB in a pdf) and may take a while to download depending on your connection speed.  It contains over 80 pictures of various lifts, with most of them in color.  I will have the Rulebook available in a bound hard copy if anyone wants to order one.  Just email me at amyers@usawa.com if you prefer it this way.  I plan to go to the printer shop at the end of the month, so that is the deadline.  I don’t have a cost yet for it, but plan to just “take orders” and sell it at the price it takes to get printed.  The price depends mostly on whether or not I have it printed with color.  Black and white is the cheapest way to go (which I had done last year) and the price will be in the $30 range.  Color print will at least double this.  I also have the summary of the 2011 Rulebook changes/additions/substractions posted on the website so if you already have a prior Rulebook and just want to print off those pages to add as a “loose leaf” addition, that might be a good way to go as well.   I also have the 2010 Rulebook changes posted.  All the new approved lifts this year are included in the Rulebook Changes file.  The Rulebook was completely overhauled in the Third Edition so you will want to have at least that edition to be somewhat current.