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IAWA Minutes

by Al Myers, IAWA President

2016 IAWA Annual Meeting Minutes

The IAWA annual meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM at New York Fitness in Lebanon, PA on Friday, October 7th.  Roll call was taken and these members were attendance: Al Myers, Graham Saxton, Denny Habecker, Karen Gardner, George Dick, LaVerne Myers, Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison, Art Montini, Dennis Mitchell, Timo Lauttamus, Kim Lydon, Peter Phillips, Steve Gardner, Dean Ross, and Mark Raymond. Roll call of the IAWA Vice Presidents was taken and these VP’s were not in attendance: Chad Ullom (US), Robin Lukosis (Australia), Cliff Harvey (New Zealand), and Jose Jara (Spain).

The first agenda item was reading of the 2015 IAWA minutes. IAWA General Secretary Frank Allen was not in attendance and had not delegated anyone to give the minutes on his behalf, thus no minutes were read.

The second agenda item was a report on the World Postal Championships by promoter Steve Gardner. Steve reported over 60 lifters competed representing 5 countries and felt the Postal Championships was very successful. Denny moved to accept the report, with a second by Dean, and it passed unanimously.

The next report was given by myself, on the upcoming Gold Cup held in Abilene, Kansas. I reported that plans are coming along according to schedule and that close to 20 competitors were entered. Dean moved to accept report, with a second by LaVerne, and it passed unanimously.

Next up was the report from the IAWA Technical Committee Chairman Dennis Mitchell.  Dennis informed the membership that a new lift was being proposed, called the Reg Park Bench Press (2-barbell bench press).  The membership had many questions regarding the rules of the lift.  A prior written rule was written and approved by the USAWA, but Dennis did not have that with him. I had brought copies of the rules for the Reg Park Bench Press and passed them amongst the membership at this point which answered all of the questions. Dennis said that this lift had passed the Technical Committee review. However, at this point Technical Committee members Steve Gardner and Peter Phillips replied that they had not been informed of this new lift being proposed. Technical Committee member Denny Habecker remarked that he was not in favor of it because this lift would require 4 spotters for a proper handoff and could not be easily done in a competition.  At this point I declared to the membership that the whole purpose of the Technical Committee was to prior evaluate and vote on a new proposed lift before the meeting, and in this case this was not done properly.  I then dropped this from the agenda and no vote was taken by the membership.

Next up was a report on the 2017 IAWA World Championships, held in Perth Australia. Peter Phillips reported that plans are underway, with the tentative date set for September 30th-October 1st. Lifts proposed were: Day 1 – Cheat Curl, 1 Hand DB Snatch, 1 hand Vertical Bar Lift, and Feet in the air bench press. Day 2- 2″ bar Clean and Press, 1 hand Hack Lift, and 2″ Bar Straddle Lift. Peter said more details will follow later. Dean moved to accept report, with a second by Rocky, and it passed unanimously.

A report by the 2017 Gold Cup promoter George Dick was given next. George reported that the Gold Cup would be held in Glasgow, Scotland on November 4th in their new gym facility. Dean moved to accept with a second by Denny, and it passed unanimously.

There was no old or new business.

Elections of new officers was up next.  Elections in the IAWA happen every 4 years. A call to the membership was made if anyone wanted to run for any postion. There were no takers. A call was then made to the current officers if they wanted to run for another term.  Agreement to stand for their current positions was made by those officers present. Dean moved to retain the current officers of the IAWA for another term. A second was made by LaVerne and it passed unanimously.

Next agenda item was accepting bids for future IAWA Worlds and the Gold Cup. The IAWA schedule is booked up through 2018, so bids would have to be for 2019. I explained that I thought that 3 years in advance was a little too long as lots of things can change between the time putting in the bid and the actual competition. No official bids were made but Frank Ciavattone expressed interest in the 2019 Worlds and George Dick for the 2019 Gold Cups.

2016 World meet promoter Denny Habecker then gave some notifications as applied to the weekend’s competiton and the banquet.

At this time all agenda items had been covered, so Dean moved to adjourn. Frank made a second and it passed unanimously. The meeting ended at 8:30 PM.

IAWA Annual Meeting

by Steve Gardner

A brief run down on business at the 2014 IAWA Council Meeting…..

2014 IAWA Council Meeting – 8pm Friday 26th September – Norwood, Massachusetts USA

Members Present: Frank Ciavattone, Colleen Lane, Dave Ellis, Frank Ciavattone Jr., John Mahon, Sam Trew, George Dick, Denny Habecker, Paula Thompson, Art Montini, Steve Gardner, Chris Bass, Frank Allen, Dick Durante, Judy Habecker, Janet Dick, Chad Ullom, Dennis Mitchell, Flossy Mitchell, Al Myers, Steve Sherwood, Paul Dallalis, Karen Gardner

Minutes of the 2013 Meeting: IAWA General Secretary Frank Allen took the meeting through the minutes from last year’s AGM. All agreed they were a true and accurate record.

Confirmation of International Vice Presidents: All current International Vice Presidents for England, USA and Scotland remained in position. Confirmation for Australia was received as: Robin Lukosious and Peter Phillips, New Zealand as Cliff Harvey and Spain as Jose Jara.

Rule Change / Addition: On safety grounds, IAWA Technical Committee proposed that the rules for the Shoulder Drop be amended to allow the lifter to bend the legs during the lift, giving the lifter a safer position to catch the weight. After discussion amendment accepted!

New Lift for Approval: The Domal Squat had been proposed by Aqeel Afzal and supported by IAWA UK and the Technical Committee. After further discussion the lift was accepted. (the lift is: one arm locked out overhead with barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell, the lifter then performs a full squat!) Rules of performance and full description of the lift will be circulated!

IAWA International Development: Steve Gardner reported to the meeting that two Nations are currently getting organised as full IAWA Member Nations: New Zealand and Spain. Both Countries have already organised their initial board of officers and are working on establishing officials etc as we speak. This is great news for the development of all round weightlifting in IAWA. More details will be circulated at a later date!

A report on the 2014 World Postal Competition: The Meet Director for the World Postal Steve Gardner informed the meeting that the event had been an overwhelming success, with 32 teams representing 8 Nations taking part, 78 Individual lifters in all, and including Juniors Open and Master lifters from the Men’s and Women’s Divisions. All present agreed the event should take place again in 2015, lifts will be 3 from the 2015 IAWA Worlds!

An Update on the World Championships for 2015: The event to be promoted by David McFadzean will take place on weekend of 10th /11th October at the Castlemilk Community Centre in Glasgow, Scotland. The lifts Proposed were – Day One: Clean & Push Press, Cont. Snatch, Pullover & Press, One Hand Deadlift – Day Two: One Hand Zercher, Dumbbell and Barbell Anyhow, Straddle Deadlift. All details of venue date and the lifts were agreed!

An update on the IAWA Gold Cup for 2015: John Mahon and Sam Trew will be promoting the Gold Cup in Perth, Australia on Friday November 27th at the Belmont Recreational Centre. There will also be a Highland Games event next day – all agreed venue and date!

Finalisation of Agreement of IAWA Gold Cup 2016: Al Myers will promote this event in Kansas USA!

Finalisations of Agreement of World Championships 2016: Clive Madge will be the promoter of this event which will take place on the North Island near to the Capital City of Wellington!

Applications for Promotion of IAWA International Events
IAWA World Championships 2017: Application from Mark Haydock for Manchester, England was accepted!
IAWA Gold Cup 2017: Application from George Dick for Glasgow, Scotland was accepted!

A proposal for Wheelchair Disability All Round Weightlifting within IAWA: A presentation was put to the meeting by Paul Dallalis. After discussion the meeting agreed that Paul will look further into the matter over the next 12 months to see what can be achieved, Al Myers proposed that Paul liaise with another lifter in the US and report back at the next IAWA Council meeting. All agreed.

World Meeting Minutes

by Steve Gardner

The IAWA World Council Annual General Meeting – Friday 5th October 7.30pm Salina, Kansas, USA

Roll Call: Steve Gardner, Al Myers, Paula Delamata, Chris Bass, Frank Allen, Chad Ullom, Thom Van Vleck, Mike Murdock, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, George Dick, Janet Dick, Graham Saxton, Toni Saxton, Karen Gardner, Tim Piper, Dawn Piper, Dennis Mitchell, Flossy Mitchell, Bob Geib, Susan Sees, Frank Ciavattone, John Mahon, Sam Trew

Past Minutes:

The Minutes of the 2011 AGM were read and matters arising were discussed …The Lynch bodyweight formula had been extended to 180 kilos – The Power Row had been accepted as a new lift – International Venues were sanctioned for 2013..etc

Election of IAWA New Committee:

Steve Gardner stood down as International President after 12 years (having followed Howard Prechtel who did 12 years) and handed over to Al Myers of the USA.

General Secretary Frank Allen

The IAWA Technical Committee: Dennis Mitchell (USA)  Denny Habecker (USA)  Al Myers (USA)  Steve Gardner (Eng)  Steve Sherwood (Eng)  Peter Phillips (Australia)

International Vice Presidents: USA= Chad Ullom and Denny Habecker, England: Steve Gardner, Scotland: George Dick, Australia: To be announced!

International Events Previously Sanctioned for 2013:World Championships – 5th & 6th October – Preston, England Promoter: Mark Haydock.
Lifts Day 1 = Clean and Press / Cont. Snatch / Straight Arm Pullover / O H Vertical Bar Lift
Lifts Day 2 = Squat / OH Dumbell C & Jerk / Trap Bar Deadlift

Gold Cup – 2nd November – Lebanon, PA, USA – Promoter: Denny Habecker

International Events Sanctioned for 2014:World Championships – first weekend October – Boston, Mass. USA – Promoter – Frank Ciavattone.

Gold Cup: Either…Steve Gardner in Burton, England or George Dick in Glasgow, Scotland (yet to be decided)

There had been no items of business put to the Technical Committee, so nothing further to discuss!

It was agreed that one minutes silence would be held before the start of the 2012 World Championships in memory of John Vernacchio!

Al Myers gave a short talk about the arrangements for the World Championships during the coming weekend

There being no further business, meeting closed at 8.30pm