The Club Awards Program

by Al Myers

Dino Gym - 2009 USAWA Club of the Year. Left to Right: Scott Tully, Al Myers, and Mark Mitchell

The USAWA Awards program got off to a great start at the 2010 Nationals with the presentations of the 2009 Awards.  All of these awards, with the exception of the Club Awards, were based on membership nominations and votes.  I determined  the Club Awards using a very simple point system, that recognizes USAWA participation and meet promotions. I like how this system is set up and plan to use it again  for  next year.  I am going  to outline the particulars of it here so there will be no mystery how the Club of the Year is selected for 2010. To be eligible, a club must have paid their club dues for the year and be  listed as “current” on the Member Clubs page. Another stipulation is that the previous year’s Club of the Year is not eligible the following year.  This club will have the honor of presenting the new  Club of the Year Awards at the National Meeting.

Club Awards are determined by adding up club points using this 4-Step System:

1.  One point awarded to the club  for EACH  USAWA registered member that lists the club as their affiliated club on their membership application.  This designation is also listed beside the members name on the membership roster.

2.  Two points awarded to the club for EACH club member that participates in the National Championships, World Championships, and Gold Cup.  Points are awarded for each competition, so if one club athlete competes in all three of these big meets it would generate 6 points for the club.

3.  Three points are awarded to the club for EACH USAWA sanctioned event or competition the club promotes.

4.  Four bonus points are awarded to the club for promotion of the National Championships, World Championships, and Gold Cup.

This is a very simple system yet covers all the basics of a club being involved in the USAWA.  It encourages clubs to host competitions and recruit members to the USAWA.  It gives incentive to clubs to encourage club members to attend our big meets.  Plus – this system will be easy for me to calculate each club’s points at the end of the year since all these things are recorded on the website. I believe the future growth of the USAWA will be driven by clubs.  All it takes is one new club that has an interest in All-Round Weightlifting.  First the club hosts a few local gym meets, second the club gets their lifters involved in these meets,  and third the USAWA grows!   It couldn’t get any more simple than that.

I want to welcome new USAWA member Stephen Santangelo, from Las Vegas Nevada, to the USAWA!