This & That

by Al Myers

I have several topics I want to talk about briefly today to give everyone updates on USAWA issues.


As most know, June 30th is the day for our National Championships in Las Vegas.  I have received a few entries, but would appreciate it if those planning on attending send me their registrations as soon as possible.  I have the tshirts and awards designed, but need to give an absolute count to the trophy shop before long so these things can be made.  Also, our host hotel is the Silverton and they still have good rates, so get your room reserved soon.


The deadline for participation for the first leg of the Goddard Postal is the end of April.  This postal meet will be the World Postal Meet for 2012.  Let it be our goal to have the USAWA well represented.


The USAWA online store has been a great success.  I have sent out many orders so far and I’m about ready to order a restock.  I am thinking of adding a line item or two, so if anyone has any ideas for a new promotional item please drop me an email.


I have just added the 2012 Club Certificates for all member clubs to the Club Roster.  These are pdf’s that you can download and print off to hang in your club’s gym.


This is a reminder that ALL sanction requests must be sent to me AT LEAST 6 weeks prior to a planned event.  This is stipulated in the USAWA rules.  From now on I will make no exceptions.


Last night I had a long phone conversation with longtime all-rounder, Joe McCoy.  Joe has had some ill-health these past couple of years, but now he is back to good health and has moved back to his farm.   He told me that he plans to get back into weight training and start promoting meets again next fall.