Time to Cast Your Vote

by Al Myers

Who's going to win a set of my Hanging Dumbbell Handles??? It's up to YOU!!

It’s now time to vote!!!  All submitted stories have been ran in the USAWA Daily News over the past four days.  A set of my hanging dumbbell handles are at stake for the winner – so chose wisely!!!  It will be  hard to decide – mainly because all of the stories are so good.  That is why I am leaving it up to the USAWA membership to vote.  That’s right – the USAWA membership!   There are LOTS of “perks” to being a USAWA member, like getting to be part of this big decision!!   The list of choices:

1.  Hand and Thigh, Neck Training Tips by Joe Garcia

2.  Art’s Big Hook by John McKean

3.  Row Row Your Back!!! by Scott Tully

4.   Two Ounces of Prevention by Thom Van Vleck

Please send in your vote to me at amyers@usawa.com by next Friday (February 11th).  The winner will be announced on the 12th.   I promise to keep all votes confidential – so don’t worry about that!!!   I’m sure this will be a close vote so EVERY VOTE counts!!