USAWA History – 2002 Nationals

by Al Myers

(The following meet report was written by Bill Clark in the July, 2002 issue of the Strength Journal, Vol. XIII No. 3.)


Bill DiCioccio and Noi Phumchaona were the overall winners in the USAWA’s National Championships at the Ambridge, Pa., VFW Club the weekend of June 29-30, giving the masters another sweep of overall honors.

Noi, lifting in the 55-59 age group and the 55 kg class, 688.3 kgs. and was an easy winner.  Carolyn Goolsby was second in her first-ever USAWA competition.  Carolyn is from South Carolina.  DiCioccio used a 1,725-pound hip lift at 62 years of age to edge past John Monk, Jr. for the men’s title.

The meet, directed by Art Montini and John McKean, was a friendly affair, as usual, topped off by a great dinner which cost the lifters the best price in history – nothing.  Still – only 27 lifters made it to the platform, even though the Pittsburgh area is almost in the center of the major concentration of USAWA members.

Thanks go to John and Art – and to Marilyn McKean for putting up with John and for handling the scorers’ table for both days.


2002 USAWA National Championships
June 29-30, 2002
Ambridge, Pennsylvania

Meet Directors: Art Montini and John McKean
Scorekeeper: Marilyn McKean

Lifts: Steinborn, One-Arm Hack Lift, Trap Bar Deadlift, Clean and Seated Press Behind Neck, One-Arm Clean and Jerk, Stiff Legged Deadlift, Hip

Men: Top Ten Placings
1. Bill DiCioccio Sr., Pennsylvania
2. John Monk, Pennsylvania
3. Brandon Aldan, Ohio
4. Frank Ciavattone, Massachusetts
5. Denny Habecker, Pennsylvania
6. Art Montini, Pennsylvania
7. Larry Silvestri, Massachusetts
8. Dennis Mitchell, Ohio
9. Joe Hunter, Ohio
10. Bob Geib, Hawaii

Women: Top Two Placings
1. Noi Phumchaona, Ohio
2. Carolyn Goolsby, South Carolina

Best Lifter Awards:
Women Open – Noi Phumchaona
Women Master – Noi Phumchaona
Men Open – John Monk
Men Master – Bill DiCioccio, Sr.
Men Junior – Joe Hunter
13 and Under Junior – Joshua Monk
15 and Under Junior – Cale Demille
17 and Under Junior – Joe Hunter
20-39 Age Group – John Monk
40-44 Age Group – Nils Larson
45-49 Age Group – Frank Ciavattone
55-59 Age Group – Denny Habecker
60-64 Age Group – Bill DiCioccio Sr.
65-69 Age Group – Andy Komarny
70-74 Age Group – Art Montini
75-79 Age Group – Rex Monahan