USAWA History – 2003 Nationals

by Al Myers

(The following meet report was written by Bill Clark in the June, 2003 issue of the Strength Journal, Vol. XIV No. 4)


Youngstown, Ohio – June 7-8 — Bob Hirsh has been on the sidelines for more than two years with a variety of injuries.  Long rehab sessions with Howard Prechtel, the USAWA president, finally paid off and Bob, elected to the USAWA Hall of Fame two years ago, returned to action at the USAWA National Championships this weekend…. and he came back as if he had never been gone.

Bob won the best lifter award at Nationals, as well as being the best master and the best lifter in the 45-49 age group.  Lifting in the 70-kg. Class, Bob used a 525 hack lift and a 375 Zercher to rise to the top in a very competitive field.  Bill Spayd, now a state trooper in Pennsylvania, was close behind in second place with John Monk, Brandan Aldan, Chris Waterman, and Al Myers as close behind as one missed third attempt.

The point totals: Hirsh – 2250.38, Spayd – 2218.88, Monk – 2212.36, Aldan – 2144.60, Waterman – 2144.57, Myers – 2127.91.  Talk about close!!!

Rita Hall took the women’s crown in a close battle with 63-year-old Marian LaRosa.  Rita, a 41-year-old, tallied 1107.26 points with Marian close on her heels at 1096.67. 

Best junior was Joshua Monk.


2003 USAWA National Championships
June 7-8, 2003
Jump Stretch Fitness Center
Youngstown, Ohio

Meet Directors: Dick Hartzell and Carl LaRosa
Emcee: Bill Clark
Scorekeeper: Bill Clark
Loaders: Chris Rice, Gary Smith, Jason Groves, Bob Carcelli, Chris Waterman

Lifts: One-Arm Snatch, Clean & Press Heels Together, Stiff Legged Deadlift, Hack Lift, Bench Alternate Grip, Cheat Curl, Vertical Bar 2 Bar 2″, Zercher Lift

Men: Top Ten Placings
1. Bob Hirsh, Ohio
2. Bill Spayd, Pennsylvania
3. John Monk, Pennsylvania
4. Brandan Aldan, Ohio
5. Chris Waterman, Ohio
6. Al Myers, Kansas
7. Jason Groves, Ohio
8. Antonio DelSignore, Ohio
9. Randy Smith, Michigan
10. Denny Habecker, Pennsylvania

Women: Top Two Placings
1. Rita Hall, Pennsylvania
2. Marian LaRosa, Ohio

Best Lifter Awards:
Women 40-44 Age Group – Rita Hall
Women 60-64 Age Group – Marian LaRosa
Women Master – Rita Hall
Women Open – Rita Hall
Men Junior 14-15 Age Group – Joshua Monk
Men Junior 16-17 Age Group – Kiff Kincaid
Men Junior 18-19 Age Group – Joe Hunter
Men Junior Overall – Joshua Monk
Men 20-39 Age Group – Bill Spayd
Men 40-44 Age Group – David Olsavsky
Men 45-49 Age Group – Bob Hirsh
Men 55-59 Age Group – John McKean
Men 60-64 Age Group – Denny Habecker
Men 65-69 Age Group – Andy Komorny
Men 70-74 Age Group – Dennis Mitchell
Men 75-79 Age Group – Art Montini
Men 80-84 Age Group – Jack Lano
Men Master Overall – Bob Hirsh
Men Open – Bob Hirsh