USAWA History – 2007 Nationals

by Al Myers

(The following meet report was written by Bill Clark in the August, 2007 issue of the Strength Journal, Vol. XVIII No. 4.)


Ed Schock won the best lifter title at the USAWA Nationals in Lebanon, Pa., on July 7, but he had plenty of competition from both Al Myers and John Monk and he got a break when Al broke his wrist.

Ed was lifting in the 100.0-kg. class of the 50-54 age group.  He came up with a 685-kg. total good for 680.30 Lynch points adjusted by age. Myers had the best poundage as a 115.0-kg. lifter in the 40-44 age group with an 815.0 total, but age made a difference. Al had an age-adjusted total of 653.74 points.

Monk was close behind with 644.39 points.  John, a new member of the 40-44 age group, totaled 637.5 kilos and had a point total of 644.39.  He was in the 80.0-kg. class.

Elizabeth Monk was the only female lifter and the 11-year-old had a great day with a 502.29 total. (points, that is.)

Myers was in the lead until he dropped a pullover and push.  The wrist was broken, but he was able to continue in the Arthur Lift and the one-hand deadlift, thus managing to barely stay ahead of Monk.

Denny Habecker and wife Judy did their usual excellent meet administration and it was disheartening to see only 20 lifters show.  The Habeckers send thanks to Rex Monahan whose large entry fee allowed the meet to break even.


2007 USAWA National Championships
July 7th, 2007
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Meet Director: Denny Habecker
Emcee: Bill Clark
Scorekeeper: Judy Habecker
Loaders: Terry Barlet, John Horn, Don Brandt
Officials: Denny Habecker, Jim Malloy, John Vernacchio, Barry Bryan, Art Montini, Dennis Mitchell, John McKean

Lifts: One-Arm Clean & Jerk, Clean and Press Heels Together, Stiff Legged Deadlift, Pullover & Push, Arthur Lift, One-Arm Deadlift

Men: Top Ten Placings
1. Ed Schock, Pennsylvania
2. Al Myers, Kansas
3. John Monk, Pennsylvania
4. Randy Smith, Michigan
5. Chad Ullom, Kansas
6. Denny Habecker, Pennsylvania
7. John McKean, Pennsylvania
8. Jim Malloy, Ohio
9. Art Montini, Pennsylvania
10. Bob D’Angelo, Pennsylvania

Women: Top Placing
1. Elizabeth Monk, Pennsylvania

Best Lifter Awards:
Women Overall – Elizabeth Monk
Women Junior – Elizabeth Monk
Men Junior – James Gilligan
Men 20-39 Age Group – Chad Ullom
Men 40-44 Age Group – Al Myers
Men 45-49 Age Group – Paul Montgomery
Men 50-54 Age Group – Ed Schock
Men 60-64 Age Group – Denny Habecker
Men 65-69 Age Group – Jim Malloy
Men 75-79 Age Group – Art Montini
Men Master – Ed Schock
Men Open – Al Myers