USAWA Nationals: Let’s Celebrate!

 by Thom Van Vleck

Some of the 2011 USAWA lifters with family and friends at the Banquet following the meet celebrating a great day!

The recent USAWA meet really got me to thinking.  We all work really hard to train, prepare, and then travel to a meet.  Often at great expense.  I have been doing that for over 30 years now.   When I was younger, I would often go to the meet and head right out after collecting my trophy (if I got one!) and my drive home was filled with obsessive thoughts on how I was going to get better.  I have always been really hard on myself and as a result, I can honestly say I’ve never felt like I deserved to celebrate after a meet.  Even though I’ve had meets where I did quite well!

We need to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Even when we don’t live up to expectations, we need to unwind a little and enjoy the moment.  That’s exactly how I felt at the USAWA Nationals Awards Banquet afterwards.  I enjoyed the moment (plus a great meal, some caked, and a scotch!).  I’ve missed to many of these in the past.  I have been a Counselor for 20 some years, but I”m often my toughest patient because my reflection won’t call me out when I need it.  Results come from getting your body to do things it does not want to do.  Rewarding yourself is an important part of training, it makes it worthwhile.

Now, I know that some folks have other obligations, such as work the next day, or small kids, or a long drive home, but give yourself a break.  Enjoy the moment.  Take a breath……then get back after it!