USAWA News Updates

USAWA News Updates
by Al Myers

Meets this Month

This is a big month for meets in the USAWA.  This coming weekend (March 13th) will be the Club Challenge, hosted by the John McKean and the Ambridge Barbell Club.  Entries must consist of three lifter teams – since scoring will be done by adding up individual adjusted points for a team score.  March 28 is the day for the Deanna Springs Meet, hosted by Bill Clark in Columbia, Missouri.  Bill has hosted this meet for many years in memory of Deanna Springs. Also, don’t forget the Postal Meet hosted by John Wilmot. Lifts must be done and turned in by the end of this month.

History of Gold Cup

Thanks to Dale Friesz, the history of dates, locations and meet directors of past Gold Cups has finally been completed.  Dale has worked hard doing the research for this going back to the FIRST Gold Cup. This coming year will be the 20th year for the Gold Cup, which was started in 1991 by Howard Prechtel.   All of Dale’s research on this can be found in the Past Champions Section.    Thanks again Dale for finishing this project I started several months ago. It might never have got finished without you.

Drug Testing

The USAWA is making some changes in drug testing this year.  Our new USAWA Vice President Chad Ullom has assumed the role of the USAWA Drug Enforcement Director.  We have had a very good drug testing program in the past, but Chad has some ideas to even make it better. This year we will test at more meets, but with less tests done per meet.  Hopefully, this will save the USAWA some money and make our drug testing program even better.

Club Memberships

This so far has been a great year for club memberships.  Registered USAWA Clubs for 2010 stand at 7.  This has only been  topped by 8 registered clubs in 2002 and 2003.  The longest standing Club Membership belongs to Clark’s Championship Gym, which has been a registered club since 1989.  That was the first year club memberships were issued.

Individual Memberships

Individual memberships in the USAWA are $25, and must now be sent to me instead of Bill Clark.  Don’t forget to sign and date the drug waiver when sending in your membership application.  Memberships are for the current year, from the first day of January to the last day of December.  They are required in order to compete in any USAWA meet or event.  Once I receive your membership money with the completed application, I will immediately put your name on the membership roster. Membership cards will NO LONGER be issued.

USAWA Discussion Forum

The website contains a discussion forum, but is only available to those who have registered for the website.  This can be done in the Website Registration Section.  There is no fee for this and has nothing to do with membership in the USAWA.  You must be logged in to the website in order to see the Members Section which contains the discussion forum.  I do have to approve your website registration so it may take a while, but I check it daily so it won’t be longer than that.  This discussion forum is a great place to discuss current lifting events or just interact with others interested in All-Round Weightlifting.