USAWA Spec Equipment

To: Fellow All Round Weightlifters

The online store of the USAWA now offers USAWA Specification Equipment to those interested in All-Round Weightlifting and the USAWA.  The equipment listed conforms to the rules and standards put forth in the USAWA Rulebook for use in performing official lifts of the USAWA.   All proceeds from sales go into the bank account of the USAWA.  No individual/individuals profits from this.  By ordering any of these  items the USAWA has to offer, you support the organization that is giving you the opportunity to compete in All Round Weightlifting in the USA.  Please make checks payable to the USAWA.

Finally, I want to thank you for your purchase of any item you buy from the USAWA Online Store. Only with your support can this store continue to exist. 


Al Myers, USAWA Secretary


2″ Vertical Bar – $50   (ADD $25 FOR SHIPPING)


The 2″ Vertical Bar is a Solid Steel Shaft 18″ long with a welded base plate.

Official USAWA lifts that require the 2″ Vertical Bar: Thor’s Hammer, Vertical Bar Deadlift – 2 Bars, 2″, Vertical Bar Deadlift – 1 Bar, 2″

3″ Bar – $200 (ADD $75 FOR SHIPPING)

3" Bar
The 3″ Bar has an outside diameter of 3″, weighs 50 pounds, has no knurling, and is 6.5 feet in length.

Official USAWA lifts that require the 3″ Bar: 3″ Bar Deadlift

Dumbbell Walk Handle – $75 (ADD $25 FOR SHIPPING)

DumbbellWalkHandleThe Dumbbell Walk Handle has a 3.5″ gripping handle diameter, and is 18″ in length. It weighs 8 pounds and has 1.9″ diameter loading sleeves.

Official USAWA lift that require the Dumbbell Walk Handle: Dumbbell Walk

Fulton Dumbbell – $75 (ADD $25 FOR SHIPPING)

FultonDBThe Fulton Dumbbell has a 2″ diameter handle, is solid steel, and weighs 10 KG.

Official USAWA Lifts that require a Fulton Dumbbell: Deadlift – Fulton Dumbbell One Arm, Deadlift – 2 Fulton Dumbbells.   It can also be used for the OTSM lift, the Dumbbell to Shoulder