WLT’s HUGE Dumbbell

by Al Myers

Al Myers beside the famous Warren Lincoln Travis Dumbbell.

One of the most impressive things I seen when I toured the York Barbell Hall of Fame and Museum was Warren Lincoln Travis’s Dumbbell.  I have seen many pictures of it before – but pictures don’t do it justice.  It is much bigger when seen in person!  This massive dumbbell was used by Travis for many of his record breaking performances in the hip and harness lifts.  He would use it in shows and performances – and the sheer size of this dumbbell would impress the audiences by itself.  It weighed 1650 pounds empty and 3750 pounds when fully loaded with sand.

Travis’s dumbbell has been in York Barbell’s  possession for quite some time.  For awhile, Bob Hoffman had it displayed in front of his house.  Thanks to York Barbell  this dumbbell can be readily seen by anyone now. If you ever get a chance to make it to York, Pennsylvania, be sure to include a stop at York Barbell.