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By Denny Habecker



The results of the final USAWA postal competition, the Postal Championships, is wrapped up.The Championships had very good participation, with 15 men and 3 women lifters. The  Champion in the Men’s Division was Tony Patterson and the Champion in the Women’s Division was Kim Lydon.

Meet Results:

2017 Postal Championships
December 31st, 2017

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Lifts: 1 Hand 2″ Vertical Bar Deadlift, One Hand Dumbbell Swing, Trap Bar Deadlift

Lifters that used a certified official:
Chad Ullom –  Official Al Myers
Tony Patterson – Officials  Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Al Myers  – Official  Laverne Myers
Eric Todd – Official Lance Foster
Mark Raymond – Officials  Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Chris Todd  – Officials  Eric Todd, Lance Foster
Laverne Myers  – Official Al Myers
Barry Bryan – Official Denny Habecker
Lance Foster – Official Eric Todd
Barry Pensyl – Officials Denny Habecker, Barry Bryan
Aidan Habecker – Officials – Denny Habecker, Barry Bryan
Dave Gago – Officials – Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Denny Habecker -Official Barry Bryan
Frank Ciavattone – Official Rocky Morrison
Kim Lydon – Officials Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Crystal Diggs – Official R.J. Jackson

Lifters using a non-certified judge
John Douglas
R.J. Jackson


LIFTER        AGE       BWT        V.B.         SWING       TRAP BAR         TOT         PTS

Kim             27         153        110 R         60 R            225               395       415.14


R.J.             56         107         113 L         57 R             0                 170       265.98


Crystal        31         165         60 L           30 R             0                   90        90.15



Tony           55         175        212 R         120 R           480                812       910.17


Al Myers      51        231         180 R         110 R           485                775       717.66

Chad           46        247         187 R         110 R           518                815       696.33


John           54        312         175 R          110 R           505                790       648.39


Barry         69         150         101 R          55 R             286                442       612.06


Laverne     73         239         180 R          55 R             308                 543       590.82


Eric Todd   42         260         125 R          135 R           465                 725       581.12

Barry        59         190          154 R          77 R            352                 523       577.70


Mark        54          245          170 R          50 R            380                 600       553.24


Aidan       14         156           160 R          44 R            220                 424       528.28


Dave       60         165            100 R         30 R             280                 410       496.94


Denny     75         186             94 R           55 R            242                 391       495.54


Chris       38         272            115 R          90 R            370                 575        437.69


Lance     52          330            145 R          55 R            280                  480        385.59


Frank     62          292            150 R           22 R            198                 370         334.68


Notes: Age is recorded in years. BWT is bodyweight in pounds. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are overall points adjusted for age and bodyweight corrections.

John Vernacchio Record Day

By Denny Habecker

John Vernacchio Memorial Record Day

We had three enthusiastic lifters here for the John Vernacchio Memorial Record Day. Aidan Habecker, Steve Freides, and Barry Pensyl set 14 American records.  I served as the official for the day and was very impressed with the quality of lifting that was done.

Meet Results:

John Vernacchio Memorial Record Day
Habecker’s Gym
Lebanon, PA
December 16th, 2017

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Officials (1-official system used): Denny Habecker


Aidan Habecker,  14 Years Old    158 Lbs.   75 Kg. Class
Right Hand 2″ Vertical Bar Lift – 149 Lbs.
Right Hand Dumbbell Snatch   – 44 Lbs.
Lano Lift                                – 22 Lbs.
Shoulder Drop                        – 77 Lbs.

Steve Freides,  62 Years Old     151 Lbs.     70 Kg. Class
Trap Bar Deadlift                    –  331 Lbs.
Alternate Grip Bench Press       – 134 Lbs.
Hack Lift                                 – 298 Lbs.
Jefferson Lift                           – 331 Lbs.
Front Squat                            –  176 Lbs.

Barry Pensyl   69 Years Old    150 Lbs.    70 Kg. Class
Alternate Grip Bench Press      –  129 Lbs.
Straight Arm Pullover              –  72 Lbs.
Bent Arm Pullover                   –  84 Lbs.
Right Hand Thumbless Deadlift – 116 Lbs.
Left Hand Thumbless Deadlift    – 110 Lbs.

Gold Cup

By Al Myers


Group picture from the 2017 IAWA Gold Cup, in Glasgow Scotland.

Group picture from the 2017 IAWA Gold Cup, in Glasgow Scotland.

I just returned from the 2017 IAWA Gold Cup, in Glasgow Scotland, and what a fine event it was!  This was an emotional weekend for all as this meet was done in memory of George Dick who was a great friend to all of us and longtime IAWA lifter and promoter.  George was supposed to be the promoter of this Gold Cup, but fellow Castlemilk Gym members Andy Tomlin and Matthew Finkle took over the promotions and did an outstanding job. They put on a meet that George would have been proud of.   The meet was held in the new facility of the Castlemilk Gym, which is a very fine facility and I know a place where many future IAWA meets will be held.

The turnout for the Gold Cup was unbelieveable – over 40 lifters from Scotland, England, Ireland, Finland, Wales, and the US.  There were so many excellent lifts that I don’t even know where to start.  Every year at the Gold Cup a special award is given to the outstanding lifter based on the Blindt Points.   This year Steve Andrews won the Prechtel Memorial Trophy with an outstanding Shoulder Drop.  Mark Haydock was second and Timo Lauttamus was third.   I would like to close this meet report with some postings from Facebook from lifters that were part of this historic Gold Cup.

A brilliant day! A very big thank you to Steve Gardner for MCing and Platform Management. To Chris Bass for Record Keeping. Andrew Tomlin and Matthew Finkle for organising such a brilliant event. And thanks goes all round to the officials and loaders who without which we wouldn’t have had such a spectacular event! – Paul Barette

Fantastic days lifting by all. Made very special with seeing Janet Dick, Evelyn and Derick Dick at the lifting and as honoured guests at the presentation evening dinner – Nicholas Swain

Gold cup 2017 in Glasgow .what a great turnout of lifters giving their all on a multitude of lifts.followed by a great meal in the evening. Big thanks To Andy Tomlin and Matt Finkle and his team for putting together this great event.also to Steve Gardner for keeping the platforms running smoothly,and Chris Bass for keeping up with all the records and calculations.this was all in fantastic tribute to the great George Dick.was great to have Janet and family there on the day.God bless you George. – Steve Andrews

A fantastic days lifting at the IAWA Gold Cup….. 41 lifters .. amazing.. the lifts performed were all amazing… everyone did great…. it was a joy to have been part of one of the best ever IAWA events…… what would George have thought?….. he would have loved it… cheers big George! – Steve Gardner

What a great weekend well done to all, Some outstanding lifts I think the big man would be proud – Steve Moss

For more reflections and lots of pictures, check out the IAWA(UK) Facebook page.

MEET RESULTSGold Cup 2017 Records1  Gold Cup 2017 Records2

2017 3rd Quarter Postal

By Denny Habecker



11 lifters competed in the 3rd Quarter Postal , with Eric Todd again claiming the top spot Thank you to all the lifters who participated in this meet.

Meet Results:

3rd Quarter Postal Meet
July 1st- September 30, 2017

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Lifts: Half Gardner, Press from Racks, One- Hand Ciavattone Deadlift

Lifters that used a certified Official:
Aidan Habecker – Certified official – Denny Habecker
Eric Todd          – Certified official – Lance Foster
Lance Foster     – Certified official – Eric Todd
Chris Todd       –  Certified officials- Eric Todd & Lance Foster
John Douglas    – Certified official – Laverne Myers
Al Myers           – Certified official – Laverne Myers
Laverne Myers   – Certified official – Al Myers
Mark Raymond  – Certified official – Frank Ciavattone
R.J. Jackson     – Certified official  – Jarrod Fobes
Crystal Diggs   – Certified official  – R.J. Jackson

Lifter that used a non-certified official: Denny Habecker



R.J. Jackson          55     105.8       38               80            101  R        219        353.09

Crystal Diggs        30      165         13.5            50              65   L       128.5      128.71


LIFTER                 AGE    BDWT    GARDNER   PRESS   DEADLIFT        TOTAL      POINTS

Eric Todd              42       252         105          245         188   R           538          437.99

John Douglas        53       311         100          175         200   R           475          386.57

Al Myers               51       230         45            120         226  R            391          362.81

Laverne Myers      73       240         20             85          220  L            325           352.97

Aidan Habecker    14       144         45             61           154 R            260           342.70

Denny Habecker   75       190         0              132          143 R            275           342.21

Mark Raymond       54       244         50            105          210 R           365           337.35

Chris Todd           38       268         65            145          158 R            368            322.51

Lance Foster        51       332          0             130          163 R            293            227.31

Notes: Age is age in years. BDWT is bodyweight in pounds. R and L designate right and left arms. Points are overall adjusted points corrected for age and bodyweight.

Art’s Birthday Bash

by John McKean



What does an original USAWA lifter do when he turns 90? Merely hefts the highest poundage lift of anyone attending his own birthday meet! Yep, ole Art snuck in an easy 450# hip lift to outdo the crowd of one of the most well attended big contests of the year, even besting 4 of the top USAWA record holders present (only one other out of the top 5 was claiming jet lag or some lame excuse, and stayed home!!).

It was a fitting birthday for the glowing Mr. Montini, super cheerful and looking fit and healthy thanks to his large family traveling up and throwing him a huge party the night before! Naturally many of those youngsters enjoyed lifting at the meet on Sunday morning; between the kids & parents milling around, there were more Montinis than cockroaches in the old VFW gym!

Not that generations of Art’s family were the only long distance travelers – Dean Ross was his usual busy self, driving in from Oklahoma, finishing his record setting marathon early, then driving the huge mileage back so he could work on Monday morning! Our hard working president, Denny Habecker, hit the turnpike from across state, bringing with him the ever witty and tremendous long time lifter, Barry Pensyl. And from nearby Cleveland, Ohio, came Scott Schmidt (savior of this year’s National USAWA championships!) and the always dependable Dennis and Flossy Mitchell. Heck, I even coerced my grandson, Andraes, just turned 12, to travel down for the weekend and begin his “official” entrance into the record books (tho’ he actually thought it was merely going to be a donut eating contest between him & Art!).

Despite chalk dust flying, boundless youthful enthusiasm, and many records shattered, the meet wrapped up just around 1 PM. We’ve sponsored great birthday meets in the past, but this one may go down as the most FUN contest of all. As one visiting lifter was so amazed and excited over Art’s lifting & longevity, she requested to take a photo of him while he was so vital and alive; naturally some wag called out “better take it QUICK!”


Duss Ave Ambridge,PA
Ambridge VFW Barbell Club
Oct. 15, 2017

Meet Director: Art Montini

A 3 Official (IAWA/USAWA registered officials used) judged contest. Officials in attendance : Denny Habecker, Dennis Mitchell, Art Montini, Scott Schmidt,  John McKean

Lifters’ results:

Jason Montini II    bwt 52 K   age 11  (55k, under 13)
teeth lift  25 pounds
crucifix  30 pounds
jerk behind neck from rack  25#
One arm clean & jerk dumbbell right arm  30#
one arm dumbbell clean & press left arm  20 pounds

Dennis Mitchell  bwt 147#  age 85 (70K, 85+)
Left hand deadlift 60K
Right Hand Deadlift 60K
Thumbless deadlift  70K
Straight arm pullover  42.5 Pounds

Barry Pensyl  bwt 150# age 69 (70K, 65+)
hands together bench press  120 pounds
2″ vertical bar lift right arm  99#
dumbbell swing right arm  55#
straight arm pullover  60#
Thor’s Hammer  24#

John McKean  bwt 150 1/2 pounds age  71 ( 70K, 70+ )
right arm dumbbell deadlift  182 pounds
left arm dumbbell deadlift  152#
2″ bar (Fulton) hack lift  178#
2″ bar (Fulton) Jefferson lift  258#
Kennedy lift  410 #

Art Montini  bwt 178#  age 90 ( 85K, 90+)
abdominal raise  30 pounds
Zercher  120#
teeth lift  130#
hand & thigh  300#
Hip lift  450#

Annabelle Montini  bwt 178 1/2 #  age 10 (85K, under 13,female)
trap bar deadlift 165#
Arthur lift  20#
hand&thigh  160#
Right hand clean & jerk (dumbbell) 15#
2 hand deadlift  88#

Andraes McKean  bwt 179#  age 12  (85K,under 13)
left hand dumbbell deadlift  86#
right hand dumbbell deadlift 102#
bentover row (power row)  118 #
2″bar (Fulton) hack lift  108#
2″bar (Fulton) Jefferson lift 128#

Robyn Montini  bwt 179# age 17 ( 85K,16-17,female)
Hand & thigh 180#
Trap bar deadlift 175#
Arthur lift 20#
Dumbbell clean& jerk right arm 35#
2 hand deadlift  154#

Denny Habecker  bwt 191#  age 75 (90K,75+)
bench press alternate grip  155#
crucifix  50#
Ciavattone deadlift 258#
One Dumbbell press left arm 45#
press behind neck from rack  110#

Benson Montini  bwt 93K  age 13 (95K,13-)
trap bar deadlift 275#
hand & thigh  250#
crucifix 30#
dumbell press right arm 25#
jerk behind neck from rack  50#

Dean Ross  bwt 233#  age 74  (110K,70+)
bent arm pullover  75#
straight arm pullover  55#
one arm hack lift,left hand  80#
half Gardner 18#
good morning 115#

Scott Schmidt  bwt 235# age 64 (110K,60+)
2 hands clean and seated press behind neck 55K
clean&jerk  2 dumbbells 40K
continental clean  72K

Beth Bulebosh  bwt 280# age 49  (130K,45+,female)
Jackson press 75#
Left hand dumbbell press 35#
right hand dumbbell press 35#
2″ vertical bar lift, left hand 114#
2″ vertical bar lift , right hand  114#

Jason Montini  bwt 141.5K  age 38 (145K,open)
2 hand seated dumbbell press  90#
middle fingers hack lift 108#
ring finger hack lift 88#

Christopher Montini  bwt 148.5 K  age 39 ( 150K ,open)
Teeth lift  135#
trap bar deadlift 425#
jerk behind neck from rack  135#

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